Statement re John Worboys’ imminent release

‘DSD’ and ‘NBV’, the two claimants in the case against the metropolitan police arising from their abject failures to investigate the original multiple allegations made against Worboys* have expressed their shock and dismay at the latest failures by criminal justice agencies.

DSD stated:

“On thursday afternoon at approximately 4.30, whilst cooking my children their dinner,  I heard the news that John Worboys has been granted parole and was to be released from Prison by the end of the month.  Literally minutes later I received a telephone call from my lawyer Harriet Wistrich who had also just heard the news.   I felt in complete shock and utterly sickened to my stomach.  How could this be possible that a man who was responsible for such disgusting crimes against women was able to walk away a free man after just 8 years.  For me that 8 years feels like a blink of an eye as everything he has put me through came flooding back as if it happened yesterday.  I am extremely angry but not at all surprised that the authorities had again let me down and failed to warn me so I could prepare myself for such devastating news.  Since hearing the news I have been in a state of complete shock and panic.  How can a prolific sex offender be rehabilitated in a short space of time when he has never admitted to his guilt or shown any remorse.  I read on friday that the Parole Board are “confident” that he will not reoffend.  Their statement itself reminds me of the comments the police made in 2003 when I reported to them I had been raped “… a black cab driver just wouldn’t do it”!   I said at the time if they didn’t find him he would do it again.  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine we would go on to do it again another 100 times, that we know of.  Unfortunately, I do not share their confidence and I am convinced he will reoffend.   I truly hope for the sake of every mother, daughter, wife and sister out there that I’m wrong now. 

When we took the Police to court regarding their huge and catastrophic failings to investigate and stop Worboys, it was noted that lessons needed to learned.   We won that Court Case but since that time the Police seen incapable of accepting the Judgment and we have been waiting for the last 9 months for a decision from the Supreme Court on whether the Police were able to overturn that Judgement.   Clearly no lessons have been learnt as everyone involved in this case is more interested in Worboy’s rights and has no regard whatsoever for any of his victims.   When do we get parole?  When do we get to have a clean slate and walk away from the nightmare he has created?”

‘NBV’ who was also a complainant at the criminal trial and was not informed of the parole board decision, says she is “appalled and haunted” by this latest horror.  She says, “I cant watch the news or read the papers.  My heart freezes when I hear his name.  Seeing his face makes me feel unwell.  He’s ruining my life all over again.”

Solicitor for the two women, Harriet Wistrich, has said she will be looking at potential avenues to get the decision to release Worboys reviewed.  “Did the parole board take into account his clear lack of admission of guilt or remorse, evidenced by his attempt to appeal his criminal conviction and an application to the CCRC as late as 2013?  Or is refusal to accept liability for the offences, including those he was convicted for in the civil proceedings brought against him?”  She will also be exploring a complaint about the failure to inform her clients about the parole process.  “In a statement by the MoJ yesterday, it was said that, ‘some victims chose not to be updated’.  However, neither of my clients were given any choice at all on this.”

*A decision from the Supreme Court on the liability of the police to conduct a human rights compliant and effective investigation into these serious crimes, is expected very soon on the cases of DSD and NBV v The Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis