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Help us stop officers being able to use their positions to abuse women.


For years, an officer in Gwent Police was allowed to use his position to get away with abusing women. Entrusted with the training of new recruits, he would develop relationships with junior colleagues before subjecting them to forms of controlling and coercive behaviour. Complaints made about the officer’s misconduct to Gwent Police force were ignored and mishandled. As a result, he was allowed to remain in the position while women who complained were victimised and in one instance pushed out of her job.

We are launching a legal challenge against Gwent police and their protection of a domestic violence perpetrator in their ranks. We can't go up against this police force alone and need your support.

Help stop women being denied justice after rape

by End Violence Against Women Coalition

Women and girls across the country are discovering that if they are raped, there is very little chance of the man who raped them ever being brought to justice.

The catastrophic drop in rape prosecutions by the Crown Prosecution Service requires immediate action - we're mounting a legal challenge against the CPS in England & Wales and we need your help. Contribute now and share this page with your friends, family and on social media.  

Is it illegal to video someone naked without their consent? YES.

by Emily Hunt

My attacker took a 1 minute and 2 second long video of me naked and unconscious on a hotel bed without my knowledge and most certainly without my permission. He told the police that he took it to masturbate to later. In his statement to the police, he said that he knew that he did not have my permission to take the video. He told the police that he knew that I would be upset if she woke up and found him videoing me. The facts are not in dispute.

What's in dispute is whether or not it's against the law under the Sexual Offences Act of 2003 to video someone naked without their consent if you are in a private / personal / intimate setting with that person. 

Justice for Jourdain

In the early hours of Friday 21st August 2015 a flashing blue light broke through the darkness forcing my eyes to open. What followed next was every parents’ nightmare. "Your daughter Jourdain has been involved in an incident", the police officer said, "and she is in a critical condition in hospital". 

We raced to be by her side but the doctors were unable to save her. She had suffered catastrophic head injuries and was pronounced brain stem dead just a few hours later. 

Jourdain had fallen from a balcony after an argument with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was arrested at the scene and their followed a detailed police investigation which was referred to the CPS for a decision on charging him. Initially, the CPS said there was not enough evidence for a prosecution. We were devastated and appealed that decision. The CPS then indicated they would prosecute for manslaughter. But to our horror, they then reversed that decision yet again claiming the original decision was correct.