Crowdfund launched in support of two women’s challenge to Parole Board on the release of John Worboy's

Today CWJ is launching a CrowdJustice crowdfunding page to raise funds so two victims can legally challenge the decision to release John Worboys. This is a critical case about taking violence against women seriously and improving state accountability to ensure that victims are adequately protected. 

The page will be live from 2pm on 17th January at: www.crowdjustice. com/case/challenge-worboys- release 

As you know, what we’re trying to achieve is not easy and we are asking for your help in this effort.

If you're willing, we'd like you to do a few simple things to help promote the page:

1. Please donate to the campaign and share that you donated on social media to build momentum
2. Share the CrowdJustice page link on your personal Facebook page, Twitter feed and/or on your Instagram feed, asking your network to donate to our campaign and share
3. Email a set of your close friends, family and contacts, asking them to please share our CrowdJustice page link through their social media accounts.
4. Spread the word in any other way possible (i.e., to coworkers who are active on social media or through a blog you have access to)!

It will truly make an enormous difference if you’re able to participate in this effort.