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CWJ Supporter

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We invite you to become a CWJ Supporter, to support our work as a small charity tackling systemic failings across the criminal justice system and elsewhere, as well as providing access to justice.

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We are tackling wholesale failings, for example through our policy challenge to the CPS’ increasingly restrictive approach to charging in rape cases, and our super-complaint about police failures to use protective legal measures such as bail and restraining orders.
We act as a bridge between the legal sector and the women’s sector and have made numerous links both on individual cases and wider campaigns, such as those around use of libel laws to silence women and data protection laws for rape victims. We look to the legal sector to support our work, given the precarious financial realities of the not-for-profit sector.
Being a CWJ Supporter is entirely voluntary and separate from your membership of the Legal Reference Panel. However, your support is appreciated.
In addition to receiving our toolkits, we plan to make available to you our database of local police force policies across England and Wales on domestic abuse, sexual offences, stalking and harassment and Victims’ Right of Review. We are also building a library of materials relating to violence against women and girls from which we will share resources. 

Annual rates to become a CWJ Supporter are:
£150 for solicitor firms with 1- 3 practitioners in the relevant specialism
£250 for solicitor firms with 4 plus practitioners in the relevant specialism
£500 for large firms (200 plus lawyers)
Barristers: £50 for junior barrister, £100 for 10 year plus qualified 
Others:  £100

If you would like to register and/or become a CWJ supporter and require an invoice - please email